Tips for fighting varicose veins effectively

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Varicose-VeinsThe varicose veins or the spider veins are the rite of passage. Many of the people often find swollen blush cords or jagged purple lines spread throughout the thighs and calves. The warped up muscles are usually seen in at least 60 percent of the adults. In comparison to the varicose veins, the spider veins are usually small and twisted blood vessels. These blood vessels can either be purple, red or blue.  Spider veins are mostly found on the face and thighs.  Since it looks like spiders, it is known by the name of spider veins. The varicose is larger veins that be seen anywhere throughout the body.  These come up as dark blue veins sticking out of the skin. Even though these can be found anywhere on the skin, you can mostly find them on the ankles and the legs.

Want to know how to prevent varicose veins? There are various ways that will help you get rid of it. The first thing is to exercise daily.  Both jogging and walking helps to improve blood circulation. Secondly, you must avoid standing for long since it increase venous pressure. You can either change position or sit down for a while. Third, sit properly. You must always sit up straight and don’t cross your legs.  With these steps it is easy to prevent varicose veins.

Even though there are many causes, the most important spider veins causes include poor blood flow, obesity, pregnancy and more.  Pregnancy is associated with an increase in the volume of blood. It even adds pressure to the veins due to the increasing size of the uterus. Another cause has stood for a long time. It has been seen that those who have been standing for long time complain of spider veins.


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